Mental Addition and Subtraction

Hi everyone!


This week we have been practising our strategies for mental addition and subtraction.  Some strategies we have learnt about are:

  • adding/subtracting the tens then the units.
  • using known, easy facts to help us with harder ones (eg. Using 3+4 to help us solve 30+40)
  • counting on for subtraction, to find the difference.  (using a numberline or in your head)
  • Changing the place value columns (eg 67 – 20 – just take 2 from the tens column)

Use these strategies and any others you know to play the games below.  Comment below to tell me which strategies you used and why.  Are there any that you find easy?  Or any that you need to practise more?  Are there some that surprised you?  Remember the best blogger gets a certificate!

Number bonds practise

Subtraction grids

Fact families

Maths invaders

Ghost blasters

Addition and Subtraction mission

Get thinking!


Ms Gillis

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Terrific Times Tables

Hi everyone!

To get a star sticker, you need to be able to answer times table questions out of order, as quickly as you can, without making any mistakes or pausing for too long!

Below you can find some websites that will help you to practise your times tables.  Remember to practise tables that you don’t know!

Comment below to let me know which times tables you are going to learn or to tell us some tips you have for how to learn your tables!

Ms. Gillis

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